Mac Sabbath plays at Holy Diver



Lead singer Ronald Osbourne on Stage at the Holy Diver Bar, Photography by Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser
Staff Writer

It’s not an unusual sight any Friday night at the Holy Diver Bar to see drum sets and guitars up on the stage, but a giant cheeseburger, a clown, a cat burglar, and a purple Grimace, might be considered an unusual sight to see  on any stage.

Mac Sabbath is not a typical Black Sabbath tribute band because they  not only play Black Sabbath music but they incorporate the world famous McDonalds characters into their imagery.

The band consists of lead singer Ronald Osbourne, who is a take on Ronald McDonald, the drummer Catburglar, who is a take on the Hamburglar, and The guitarist Slayer MacCheeze, who just has a giant cheeseburger  head with gigantic horns that sticking out of his cheeseburger face, and last but not least the bass player Grimalice, who is Grimace. All well known Mcdonald’s characters.

On stage Ronald Osbourne envelops many of Ozzy Osbourne mannerisms. Ronald walks the walk in a mirror image of Ozzy when he’s on stage and he even has the Ozzy stare.

The band performs many Black Sabbath songs, but replaces the words with a fast food spin, such as Black Sabbath’s famous song “Iron Man,” which is changed to “Iron Pan.” During the song Ronald is cooking hamburger patties in his Iron Fry Pan as he tosses a hamburger beach ball into the audience.

The night was full of puns, such as calling Sacramento, “Sacramentos the Fresh Maker,” Ronald refers to the Mentos slogan the Fresh Maker.  Also Ronald makes fun of non existent bands that he claims are copying him such as “Dairy Quensryke” and “Twisted Sizzler.”

The show had a good mix of all sorts of fans, such as a group of fans in their early 20’s decked out in Mac Sabbath T-shirts and wearing clown makeup resembling Ronald Osbourne  himself.

All in all they put on a great show, mixing hard rock with the all American McDonalds hamburgers, so if you are looking for something different, like hamburgers and Ozzy this is the show for you.



Monster Energy Aftershock Festival returned to Discovery Park


Tom Araya lead vocalist of the band Slayer performing at the Monster Energy Aftershock festival Saturday Oct. 22, 2016-photography by Keith Koenig

Joseph Daniels
Staff Writer


Max Cavalera performing at the Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Sunday Oct. 23, 2016-photography by Bryce Fraser

Once again hundreds of people ventured to Discovery park last weekend to partake in the sold out event  the Monster Energy Drink Aftershock Festival. This year brought more metal bands to their lineup and that had sold out.


Only at a Slayer concert will you hear people cheerfully sing the words “God Hates Us all.”

Slayer is not only an influential band within thrash metal, but their music helps spawn both death and black metal. To say that the band is monumental is a vast understatement.

Hence the reason why their audience at Aftershock sang along eagerly to songs like “Angel of Death,” the song that is inspired by Josef Mengele, the person who was responsible for human experimentation during the Holocaust.

Slayer’s set list celebrated their career’s catalog by playing songs that dates back to “Show No Mercy.”

Tom Araya was hitting notes that wasn’t seen much since “Reign in Blood” during his performance on “The Antichrist.” His guttural vocals on “Hell Awaits” sounds as if belongs to something that lurks beneath the land and that lies just south of Heaven.

“This is a love song,” Araya described their “Dead Skin Mask,” which was about the infamous killer Ed Gein. Gein has a huge impact on pop culture in general, such as inspiring movies such as “Psycho” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Slayer’s live performance captures the horror movie imagery that their albums invoke. It’s no wonder why this music scared the crap out of parents.


Meshuggah is so metal, when the day comes when one of the band members dies, doctors are going to find a terminator like skeleton. Their set list at Aftershock in Sacramento only served as further evidence for this theory.

If there ever was a band that deserves the metal label, it’s Meshuggah. The sound the body creates, invokes images of machines in operation. Jens Kidman manages to hit every word with each chaotic note.

While some members of the audience could argue that Meshuggah’s songs sound the same, they sound nothing like what was at Aftershock to a point where they sound as if they were out of place from the rest of the festival.

With their complicated time signatures, Meshuggah showed how metal could be both extreme and sophisticated.


When Anthrax started their act with “Caught With a Mosh,” it became clear their set will be mostly from their earlier years.

While their setlist also included newer songs such as “Fight Em ‘Til You Can’t” and “Breathing Lightning,” they feel like they could belong on “Among the Living.”

I have a theory that by bringing Joey Belladonna back on the lineup is to invoke nostalgia from their fans similar to J.J. Abram’s sequel to “Star Wars.”

While Anthrax was never as heavy as the other bands from The Big Four, but their stage presence makes up for it. Watching Scott Ian head bang and run around while playing rhythm guitar itself was a pleasure to watch.


The Joy Formidable @ Harlow’s


Ritzy Bryan lead singer of the Joy Formidable performing at Harlow’s Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser
Staff Writer

Harlow’s nightclub and bar in the heart of midtown Sacramento was host to the performance of the Welsh indie rock band, The Joy Formidable hit the stage at Harlow’s alongside opening band the New Regime who had performed for an ecstatically excited crowd.

The band Joy Formidable has been on their USA Spring Tour around the nation for months now since their new album Hitch was released last March.

The opening band was New Regime, their sound was a blend of electronica mixed with hard rock and the drumming was very hard rock of the 90s in style. The band did great in getting the audience pumped up.

The band, The Joy Formidable, came on stage amped up and ready to perform for their fans. After the first few songs they apologized for being a few minutes late getting on stage and informed the crowd that the reason involved the dog that travels with them. They informed the audience the dog was ok and now enjoying a much needed quiet time.  They performed many songs from all of their albums, such as “Cradle” from their album The Big Roar.

The Joy Formidable played “Radio of Lips” and “Last Thing on My Mind” from their new album Hitch. The song “Radio Lips” really showed off Rhydian Dafydd versatility going from bass to keyboard while doing vocals.

The band returned on stage for an encore, they then preceded into the middle of the audience where  they  played “The Brook” from their new album acoustically without any microphones, or electric instruments. Ritzy Bryan, front-woman and lead vocalist of the band, explained how when writing their songs they are created acoustically away from usage of electric equipment.

Bryan showed off her angelic voice during the performance within the crowd while preforming “The Brook”. The band finished off the night with their hit song, and a favorite among fans, Whirling, getting the audience members got excited.

The song included a prolonged instrumental section at the end where the band jammed out as hard as they could. They invited a few audience members up on stage and even let one hold and even play guitar all while the instrumental continued, and then ended strong and with satisfied fans.

‘August Burns Red’ and ‘Between The Buried and Me’ live show


Jake Luhrs frontman for “August Burns Red” preforming at the Ace Of Spades. Photo by Veronica Elena

Bryce Fraser
Staff Writer

Midtown was the scene for many concert goers for their fix of hard metal with the streets were filled with guitar rifts and beat of drums.

“August Burns Red” and “Between the Buried and Me” during their nationwide tour with 40 stops that included parts of Canada as well took their action  to Sacramento at the  Ace Of Spades venue in midtown.

The “August Burns Red” and “Between The Buried and Me” tour sold out for that night at The Ace Of Spades venue.

This is a huge tour for “August Burns Red” since their resent album release “Found In Far Away Places” in 2015.


Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. frontman for “Between The Buried and Me. Photo by Veronica Elena.

“August Burns Red” however, did not play anything off their new album “Found In Far Away Places” but focused instead on playing their well-known music.

Each band had a recent album out since “Between The Buried And Me” had their own recent album release “Coma Ecliptic” also released in 2015.

“Between The Buried and Me” only played one song off their album “Coma Ecliptic” called “The Coma Machine”.

Headliner band “August Burns Red,” brought strobe lighting effects unlike their previous counter parts that got the fans moving.

“August Burns Red” performed a 16 song set list of their music through to the end of the night.

“Between The Buried and Me” the band that played before “August Burns Red” played a nine song set list that included one Cover.

“Between The Buried and Me” Cover was that of the legendary band “Queen” which played the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” with a hard metal flair.

“Between The Buried And Me” which opened up for “August Burns Red,” with their song “Selkies: The Endless Obsession” that got the crowd started to get fired up.

Mosh pits opened up in the center of the venue where audience members jumped and pranced and some got a little too rough with each other.

After “Between The Buried and Me” finished up their set the excitement to see “August Burns Red” intensified.

The band came out on stage and opened up with their song “White Washed” and the crown went berserk to finally see their headliner.

After “August Burns Red” played their last song of the night, “Composure,” the band’s drummer, Matt Greiner, showed off his talents with a drum solo.

The audience demanded an encore and after the band had walked off stage they then returned to the stage to play their song “Carpe Diem.”

The band finished out the night with a crowd favorite, their song “Empire”, which the band performed with intense energy not seen all night as much as with this song. The audience themselves went into a frenzy.


Paul Waggoner the guitarist for “Between the Buried and Me” preforming at Ace of Spades. Photo by Veronica Elena

Spring Fling at Sleep Train


Matt Shultz, frontman for Cage The Elephant preforming at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento Calif. Saturday, March 12. Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Monica Dattage
Staff Writer

Headliner Cage The Elephant, along with Bear Hands, Foals and Silversun Pickups, brought the the energy to Sacramento on Saturday night. With the second stop of their tour, dubbed the Spring Fling Rock AF 2016 Tour, each band was dialed in to the crowd bring a more energy than the one before.

The 15-city tour will take the bands across the U.S., with each act showing off music released in the past year.  Cage The Elephant’s Tell Me I’m Pretty album was released in December, the Foals’ What Went Down album last August, and Silversun Pickups’ Better Nature album last September.



Brian Aubert, frontman for Silversun Pickups preforming at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento Calif. Saturday, March 12. Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Saturday night New York natives Bear Hands opened the night to a half-empty arena as people faced a rainy downpour outside.

Joining the tour from the UK, the Foals took to the stage just as the crowd started fill in. They started their set with “Snake Oil” and almost instantly got the crowd cheering and jumping a long to their high energy performance. For part of their performance it was like staring at a camera flash as strobe lights went off in sync with every note played.

At one point frontman Yannis Philippakis, known for his crowd surfing and diving off balconies, left the stage to join the crowd in the pit area. He attempted to crowd surf with mic in hand but didn’t get too far before security helped pull him back to the stage. They ended their set with “What Went Down” of their latest album, leaving the crowd primed as Silversun Pickups took to the stage.

Starting their set with “Cradle”, Silversun Pickups worked to get the crowd back to the energy level Foals left them with before the intermission. They achieved this when their frontman Brian 


Dylan Rau, frontman for Bear Hands preforming at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento Calif. Saturday, March 12. Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Aubert called out bassist Nikki Monninger for being nervous on stage.

“Everybody stare at Nikki,” Aubert said. “And Nikki don’t F*** it up!”

Rounding out the night, Cage The Elephant took the stage to screams and yells. The band played all their hits including: “Come A Little Closer”, “Cigarette Daydreams”, and “Mess Around”. The biggest response from the crowd all night came when they played “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.”

Before wrapping up their set Frontman Matthew Shultz left the stage and came back missing his western-inspired shirt and then took off into the crowd. The fans surged forward as they all tried to reach him and hold him up as he moved around the pit.

At the end of the night the bands were met with a standing ovation all around, and each person left with a buzz of excitement that carried them into the rain waiting outside.


Yannis Philippakis, frontman for Foals dives on top of the audience during the bands performance at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento Calif. Saturday, March 12. Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Monster Energy’s Aftershock Festival at Gibson Ranch


Mike Patton of Faith No More Preforming at Aftershock PHOTO BY: Bryce Fraser


Marilyn Manson doing an air kick while preforming at Aftershock PHOTO BY: Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser
Staff Writer

Gibson Ranch was filled with thousands of concert goers to the fourth annual Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. Bands such as, Slipknot, Shinedown, and Marlin Manson were heading Saturday. Sunday’s headliners included, Faith No More, Deftones, and Jane’s Addiction. For the past 3 years The Aftershock has been hosted at Discovery Park, but due to the event gaining attendees over the years it took place in Gibson Ranch where more than 37,000 people attended. Gibson Ranch also offered camping for concert goers.


Slipknot was the last band to perform on Saturday and was the main Headliner of the night. The production value alone gave fans a show worth their ticket price. Slipknot’s Chris Fehn , and Shawn “Clown” Crahan, both were on separate drum sets on each side of the stage that spiraled around and went up and down. Craig Jones, the keyboardist, also was in the background on a contraption that moved him from left to right. The whole performance was accompanied by fire that mimicked the beats of the songs. All show aside, Slipknot played flawlessly giving a good mix of new and old songs, such as “Psychosocial” and “The Devil In I”. They gifted fans with a song they claimed not to have played live in a while which was off their first album “Me Inside”. They finished the night with an original song “Surfacing”.



Yelawolf Preforming at Aftershock PHOTO BY: Bryce Fraser

Shinedown also included fire into their performance by actually shooting out rays of fire that resembled the colored rays of the concert lights. Fireworks also shot out from the back of the stage and all together gave off an amazing aesthetic to an already talented band. Shinedown played a mix of their hard and soft rock songs. They ended the night with two crowd favorites, “Simple man”, and “Sound Of Madness”. Brent Smith really showed off his tone range with “Simple Man”, which the band played acoustically. To get the audience back amped up they played “Sound of Madness”.

Marylin Manson provided a very theatrical show to fans. He walked around on stilts and long crutches and came out on stage with a burning bible. He walked into the photo pit next to fans while singing. He stabbed his wrist with a broken beer bottle, and even shot mucus out of his nose. Manson gave fans a show and the outrageous parts were really what you would expect from a Manson show which he delivered to fans. Manson played “Deep Six” from his new album, but mostly played his classics, such as his cover of Eurythmics “Sweet dreams” song . He played “The Dope show”, and finished the night with “The Beautiful People”.



Chino Moreno front man for the Deftones preforming at Aftershock PHoTO BY: Bryce Fraser

Hollywood Undead started the crowd off with their first hit “Undead”, then “Been to Hell” to get the crowd excited. The set’s mood changed to more easy going party songs with “Coming N’ Hot”, and “War Child”, and” Bullet”. They finished their seven song set with “Day of The Dead”, and then Everywhere I go.
Sunday night’s big headliner was Faith No More. The band came out all in white with the stage surrounded in floral arrangements. The different colored stage lights shining onto the flowers created a very colorful sensation to the eyes. After their set eager fans requested more songs and were rewarded with an encore. They ended the night with “we Care A Lot”, and then “Just a Man”.
The Aftershock Fest only gets bigger and better every year and it shows that Rock still lives on through the massive numbers that converged on Gibson Ranch last weekend.

Royal Blood Makes a stop at Ace Of Spades

Royal Blood

Mike Kerr, Vocalist and Bass for the England band Royal Blood, playing bass next the bands drum set at Ace of Spades in Sacrament Calif. Photo by: Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser
Shiftsync Media

Sacramento was sold out last Sunday by England band Royal Blood. It was impressive how popular they are being that they just released their first self-titled Album and already have a sold out crowd. The band will also be touring with Foo Fighters this summer.

The band started the night with “Come On Over”, “Cruel”, then Mike Kerr talked to the crowd and said “in England we have an old saying” and then began to play Figure It Out. During Little Monster the crowd amped up and the first moshing of the night started once the song began. The crowd cheered loudly afterward. The crowd then started chanting for the song “Blood Hands” and got what they asked for.

Fans started bobbing their heads up and down during the song “Ten Tonne Skeleton”. It was one of my favorite songs of the night, it was really a sight to see it performed live. Half way through the song Kerr raised his glass to the crowd and took a drink, then continued on. They picked up their energy during the song “Loose Change” they really started to move across the stage. After the song Kerr wished everyone a Merry Christmas this was an ironic joke by the front man because it was in the middle of April.

Kerr moved to the right side of the stage and played the first cords of “Out of the Black” then moved to the left side and played some cords to work up the audience. Kerr had fans raise their hands right before they went full blown into their song. The crowd went wild. Both Kerr and Drummer, Ben Thathcher, gave the most energy all night for “Out of the Black”. During the song Thathcher touched some hands of the audience right before he himself went crowd surfing. After this, fans stared to crowd surf as well and the audience went crazy. Kerr himself walked down into the crowd while playing.

Kerr raised his guitar to fans, threw his pick and even showed off a T shirt that a fan had thrown up on stage earlier then walked off. Thathcher came up and bowed and shot a kiss to fans.

The crowd shouted for an encore but the venue light came on and it was time to leave. Royal Blood left Sacramento with fans loving them and wanting all they can get from the band.

Lights Finally Makes Her Way To Sacramento


Lights preforming at The Ace Of Spades, in Sacramento Calif. This was the first time the preforming at the Ace Of Spades. Photo By: Bryce Fraser

Lester Robancho,

“I promise I’m never skipping you guys again.”

This is what the electronic-inclined solo artist Lights told her fans during her show at Ace of Spades in Sacramento last Thursday.

Currently on tour for her third album, Little Machines, this would mark the first time the Canadian singer has stopped by even anywhere close to the Capital. She did, however, make up for it by putting on a great show for her fans at the sold-out venue that night.

Wielding an electric guitar, synths, and a keyboard, Lights brought in energy, enthusiasm, and plenty of bass with the help of her live band. Kicking things off with two of her older songs from her sophomore album, “Peace Sign” and “Toes” eased the crowd into her brand of melodic, dubstep-inspired electro-pop. She then changed gears and played a new track, “How We Do It” before slamming the crowd with fan favorite “Siberia.”

“There are some crazy vibes going on tonight.”

Lights took some time between tracks to address her regret from not having come to Sacramento sooner. She visited the Capital, a rose garden, and was surprised by how courteous everybody was. Changing gears yet again, Lights takes a seat at her keyboard to play “Portal,” a slower-tempo ballad. This transitioned into an acoustic rendition of “Don’t Go Home Without Me.” Afterward, the crowd was treated to the opening notes to a personal favorite, “Muscle Memory.” With each song came more vigor and liveliness from both the artist and the audience. During “Same Sea,” an upsurge of energy would come from Lights singing, the crowd jumping, and the actual lights flashing, at the chorus.

The show ended with the elevating “Up We Go,” right after an encore, of course. In the end, it is good to know–for her fans especially–that Lights is willing and able to come to new locales, reaching out to those who don’t have the benefit of living in a much larger city. The wait was worth it, I’m sure, for her fans who came to see lights that night.

Flyleaf headlines Sno-Tour at Ace of Spades


Kristen May preforming at the Sno-Core tour at Ace of Spades, in Sacramento

Bryce Fraser, writer
Shiftsync Media

Fans of rock music were lined up on Ace March 10th for the Sno-Core 015 Winter Music Tour. Bands such as Flyleaf, Adelitas Way, Framing Hanley, and more.
When Framing Hanley came on stage the crowd went wild, the sound from the female audience were notably louder than the rest when Kenneth Nixon walked to the front of the stage.

Nixon, after the first few songs, quoted a line from the  popular movie Hot Rod and said “Hi I’m Ron and I like to party”. He began to thank the audience for their support of rock and roll for coming to the show. They finished the night with their song “Lollipop”, but saved all their energy for their final song “Stupid Girl” which they performed very well with very high levels of energy.

Adelitas Way gave the same type of thanks to the audience for supporting Rock and Roll then they played some songs from their new album Stuck, first from the new album was “Dog on a Leash”, then “Stuck”. They announced that they have released their album early for fans. Between songs, front man Rick Dejesus, before throwing a drum stick to the crowd told them “This is not a weapon”.

Bass player Robert Zakaryan played an astounding solo right before the band went on to play “Criticize”. The band ended the night with their first hit song” Sick”. They Then made fans start to clap in droves to get them amped up for their final song of the night. They too, like Adelitas Way, seemed to have saved their energy for their last song which was “Invincible” and  where they gave everything they had to their fans.

Flyleaf came out swinging, they had the highest level of energy all night.They started the night with “Set Me on Fire”. They seemed to have kept the energy levels high throughout the entire night. Sameer Bhattacharya, lead guitarist, and Pat Seals, Bass player, were literally jumping off of metal steps that were on the stage and lead vocalist, Kristen May, showed a lot of passion and a wide vocal range as well. May has been with the band since 2012 and made her first album with them “Between the stars”, although it felt as if she was with the band from the beginning. As a surprise to the audience Kenneth Nixon came back on stage to sing a duet with May during their song” So I Thought”.

Flyleaf then finished the night with the song fans were so intently waiting for “So Sick”, their first hit and a crowd all-time favorite. During the song where May showed off the power of her vocals with her roar.
All in all the night gave Sacramento fans a great night of Rock music and fan favorites. All the bands gave their high energy performances and a good mix of new and old songs as well.

Aftershock 2014 Hits Discovery Park once again


Rob Zombie preforming for the on the Aftershock festival on the north stage at Discovery park, in Sacramento, CA

Aaron Smirl, writer
Shiftsync Media


The Offspring’s Dexter Holland preforming for the on the Aftershock

The Aftershock Music Festival took place for its third year in a row at Discovery Park in Sacramento. Over thirty thousand fans showed up  to see their favorite bands preform. Despite high temperatures and a blazing sun, many epic bands and even some local ones gave all that they they had to preform for 2 days.

Hell Yeah: While waiting for the band to enter the stage, the audience started to chant Hell Yeah until they came out on  stage. They had a lot of energy, jumping around on stage playing an insane show and even as the set came to a close the fans wanted more of Hell Yeah screaming their name. They played a mixture of high energetic songs including Sangre Por Sangre (blood for blood), You Wouldn’t Know, Drink Drank Drunk and more.

The Offspring: They were energetic and interactive with the crowd, along with playing a lot of there classic fan favorites such as Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), The Kids Aren’t Alright, Self Esteem. They also including some of the newer songs from their latest record: You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, ect.


Jonny Hawkins preforming for the on the Aftershock

Memphis May Fire: They put on a great show, that felt very lively and captured the audience captured the emotions of the songs, and it was nonstop action from the band. The lead singers voice projected very well, and there was a big difference between the vocalist voice from then to now  showed in their live performance, and  the audience was blown away from their sound giving fans a mixture of new and old material, and sounded exactly right off the record.

Nothing More: Nothing More played all songs from their new self titled album. The band gave it their all on stage. Their song This is The Time really got fans into a frenzy and gave way to the ones that followed such as Jenny, Mr. MTV, and Christ Copyright. Nearing the end of their set they played an instrumental where vocalist Jonny Hawkins showed off some percussion skills and we saw the guitarists together on a custom stand that held both instruments and played simultaneously.

DAY 2 of Aftershock consisted of another group of amazing Bands and Artists


Rob Zombie’s bass guitarist Piggy D. preforming for the on the Aftershock

Rob Zombie:Rob Zombie came out, for many fans it was a long wait for this moment, the band had a lot of great visual effects. The mic stand for Zombie was made of  chrome shaped into the likeness of a horned  demon. Zombie came out with an American flag and a cowboy hat. They showed off a barrage of different colored lights and even Zombies guitarist, John 5, brought out a guitar with LED lights making it glow. Rob Zombie played a song from his previous band White Zombie also covering James Brown Sex Machine and made a tribute to a dear friend that was part of the band the Ramones and also followed at the end with an encore song . The encore song was Rob Zombies Dracula.


We Are Harlot’s Danny Warsnop preforming for the on the Aftershock

Five Finger Death Punch:Five finger Death Punch started their set with their single Under And Over It. The band had one of the biggest crowds I have seen in a long time. The heavy metal band showed off the acoustic side as well with their live preference of Remember Everything. They even pulled up a family of small children and made sure their parents came up as well. Ironically, they played Burn MF with the kids, that contains swear words, lead singer Ivan Moody told to kids to enjoy singing the song for they might be grounded after for the words.

We Are Harlot:Opening with their first single denial and waiting on the arrival of their debut album,so hearing the new material was astonishing with good energy and finally hearing some of their new songs, fans got very excited. The lead singer Danny (Asking Alexandria) showed off some different vocal styles with new band We Are Harlot going towards a modern 80’s Rock and personally I can not wait until the new album comes out and they bring back something in music that has been missed.

Seether: Playing early in the day Seether still managed to gather a big crowd, opening with Gasoline to get the crowd pumped and a few old and new songs  a good change of pace but still driving the fans, even having mosh pits on the softer pieces and throughout the whole set shows how revved up the fans were to see them and also for the band itself because it had  been awhile since they have been on tour and in Sacramento.