Flyleaf headlines Sno-Tour at Ace of Spades


Kristen May preforming at the Sno-Core tour at Ace of Spades, in Sacramento

Bryce Fraser, writer
Shiftsync Media

Fans of rock music were lined up on Ace March 10th for the Sno-Core 015 Winter Music Tour. Bands such as Flyleaf, Adelitas Way, Framing Hanley, and more.
When Framing Hanley came on stage the crowd went wild, the sound from the female audience were notably louder than the rest when Kenneth Nixon walked to the front of the stage.

Nixon, after the first few songs, quoted a line from the  popular movie Hot Rod and said “Hi I’m Ron and I like to party”. He began to thank the audience for their support of rock and roll for coming to the show. They finished the night with their song “Lollipop”, but saved all their energy for their final song “Stupid Girl” which they performed very well with very high levels of energy.

Adelitas Way gave the same type of thanks to the audience for supporting Rock and Roll then they played some songs from their new album Stuck, first from the new album was “Dog on a Leash”, then “Stuck”. They announced that they have released their album early for fans. Between songs, front man Rick Dejesus, before throwing a drum stick to the crowd told them “This is not a weapon”.

Bass player Robert Zakaryan played an astounding solo right before the band went on to play “Criticize”. The band ended the night with their first hit song” Sick”. They Then made fans start to clap in droves to get them amped up for their final song of the night. They too, like Adelitas Way, seemed to have saved their energy for their last song which was “Invincible” and  where they gave everything they had to their fans.

Flyleaf came out swinging, they had the highest level of energy all night.They started the night with “Set Me on Fire”. They seemed to have kept the energy levels high throughout the entire night. Sameer Bhattacharya, lead guitarist, and Pat Seals, Bass player, were literally jumping off of metal steps that were on the stage and lead vocalist, Kristen May, showed a lot of passion and a wide vocal range as well. May has been with the band since 2012 and made her first album with them “Between the stars”, although it felt as if she was with the band from the beginning. As a surprise to the audience Kenneth Nixon came back on stage to sing a duet with May during their song” So I Thought”.

Flyleaf then finished the night with the song fans were so intently waiting for “So Sick”, their first hit and a crowd all-time favorite. During the song where May showed off the power of her vocals with her roar.
All in all the night gave Sacramento fans a great night of Rock music and fan favorites. All the bands gave their high energy performances and a good mix of new and old songs as well.


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