‘August Burns Red’ and ‘Between The Buried and Me’ live show


Jake Luhrs frontman for “August Burns Red” preforming at the Ace Of Spades. Photo by Veronica Elena

Bryce Fraser
Staff Writer

Midtown was the scene for many concert goers for their fix of hard metal with the streets were filled with guitar rifts and beat of drums.

“August Burns Red” and “Between the Buried and Me” during their nationwide tour with 40 stops that included parts of Canada as well took their action  to Sacramento at the  Ace Of Spades venue in midtown.

The “August Burns Red” and “Between The Buried and Me” tour sold out for that night at The Ace Of Spades venue.

This is a huge tour for “August Burns Red” since their resent album release “Found In Far Away Places” in 2015.


Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. frontman for “Between The Buried and Me. Photo by Veronica Elena.

“August Burns Red” however, did not play anything off their new album “Found In Far Away Places” but focused instead on playing their well-known music.

Each band had a recent album out since “Between The Buried And Me” had their own recent album release “Coma Ecliptic” also released in 2015.

“Between The Buried and Me” only played one song off their album “Coma Ecliptic” called “The Coma Machine”.

Headliner band “August Burns Red,” brought strobe lighting effects unlike their previous counter parts that got the fans moving.

“August Burns Red” performed a 16 song set list of their music through to the end of the night.

“Between The Buried and Me” the band that played before “August Burns Red” played a nine song set list that included one Cover.

“Between The Buried and Me” Cover was that of the legendary band “Queen” which played the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” with a hard metal flair.

“Between The Buried And Me” which opened up for “August Burns Red,” with their song “Selkies: The Endless Obsession” that got the crowd started to get fired up.

Mosh pits opened up in the center of the venue where audience members jumped and pranced and some got a little too rough with each other.

After “Between The Buried and Me” finished up their set the excitement to see “August Burns Red” intensified.

The band came out on stage and opened up with their song “White Washed” and the crown went berserk to finally see their headliner.

After “August Burns Red” played their last song of the night, “Composure,” the band’s drummer, Matt Greiner, showed off his talents with a drum solo.

The audience demanded an encore and after the band had walked off stage they then returned to the stage to play their song “Carpe Diem.”

The band finished out the night with a crowd favorite, their song “Empire”, which the band performed with intense energy not seen all night as much as with this song. The audience themselves went into a frenzy.


Paul Waggoner the guitarist for “Between the Buried and Me” preforming at Ace of Spades. Photo by Veronica Elena