Trapt’s rock not enough to set you free


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser/American River Current
Trapt’s Chris Brown entertains a sold-out crowd

Mark Lewis, Arcurrent
January 30, 2012

Trapt, the veteran hard-rock band from Los Gatos, returned to The Boardwalk (Orangevale’s sole intimate venue for live music enthusiasts) to deliver a pulse pounding 80-minute set to a capacity crowd of just more than 450 people on Jan. 26.

The group, consisting of lead singer Chris Brown, guitarist Robb Torres, bassist Peter Charell and drummer Aaron “Monty” Montgomery, performed the first of three consecutive Northern California shows after an inexplicably long hiatus that made me question whether R. Kelly wasn’t the only performer to be “trapped in a closet.”

Trapt first gave the Bay Area music scene a shot of adrenaline in 2003 when they released their self-titled debut album through Warner Bros. The album went multi-platinum and spawned four singles including the smash hit “Headstrong.”

The success of their debut album catapulted Trapt into the modern rock hemisphere. They headlined tours alongside Papa Roach and Mötley Crüe only to then release a series of albums over the past seven years that were trashed by music critics, absent from rock radio and basically ignored by all but their most hardcore fans.

After failing to regenerate their fan base with the release of 2010’s “No Apologies,” Trapt parted ways with both their record label and long-time management group. Last year’s unconventionally released single “Bring It” was a botched attempt by the band to assert their musical independence through releasing another sub-par single that was futile in its attempt to crack the Billboard charts.
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