Lights Finally Makes Her Way To Sacramento


Lights preforming at The Ace Of Spades, in Sacramento Calif. This was the first time the preforming at the Ace Of Spades. Photo By: Bryce Fraser

Lester Robancho,

“I promise I’m never skipping you guys again.”

This is what the electronic-inclined solo artist Lights told her fans during her show at Ace of Spades in Sacramento last Thursday.

Currently on tour for her third album, Little Machines, this would mark the first time the Canadian singer has stopped by even anywhere close to the Capital. She did, however, make up for it by putting on a great show for her fans at the sold-out venue that night.

Wielding an electric guitar, synths, and a keyboard, Lights brought in energy, enthusiasm, and plenty of bass with the help of her live band. Kicking things off with two of her older songs from her sophomore album, “Peace Sign” and “Toes” eased the crowd into her brand of melodic, dubstep-inspired electro-pop. She then changed gears and played a new track, “How We Do It” before slamming the crowd with fan favorite “Siberia.”

“There are some crazy vibes going on tonight.”

Lights took some time between tracks to address her regret from not having come to Sacramento sooner. She visited the Capital, a rose garden, and was surprised by how courteous everybody was. Changing gears yet again, Lights takes a seat at her keyboard to play “Portal,” a slower-tempo ballad. This transitioned into an acoustic rendition of “Don’t Go Home Without Me.” Afterward, the crowd was treated to the opening notes to a personal favorite, “Muscle Memory.” With each song came more vigor and liveliness from both the artist and the audience. During “Same Sea,” an upsurge of energy would come from Lights singing, the crowd jumping, and the actual lights flashing, at the chorus.

The show ended with the elevating “Up We Go,” right after an encore, of course. In the end, it is good to know–for her fans especially–that Lights is willing and able to come to new locales, reaching out to those who don’t have the benefit of living in a much larger city. The wait was worth it, I’m sure, for her fans who came to see lights that night.


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