Game Review: A Story About My Uncle



Bryce Fraser, writer
Shiftsync Media

A Story About My Uncle is a game that is in the first person perspective but not a first person shooter, what it is more like a non-violent first person jumper and grapple game that the whole family can play if you were to try and catorigize it.



The game’s story has you taking the role of a young boy while the future version of that boy narrates the story as the game is a story being told to the narrator’s daughter.

As a young boy the narrator starts off looking for his uncle Fred and when walking around his house he stumbles upon a machine that transports him to a different world full of abstract landscapes.

There he must maneuver across a foreign landscape which are mostly catacombs full of floating rocks. He also stumbles upon a village full of blue humanoid creatures. One of the blue villagers is a young girl named Maddie who ends up showing the player around and seems to know a lot about Fred.
The game features acheivments to give more things for the player to do. There are also little Easter eggs hidden in the game that if found sometimes trigger audio of the narrator telling the story to his daugter.
The game is easy to play with a mouse and keybord or just plug in an Xbox 360 controller and it works automatically.
The game features rich graphics, and as you play through the game each level design gets more beautiful than the last.

Some levels including, illuminisent plants, really makes for a stunning sight.Your main gadget in the game is your suit that has a charged jump function used to get to high places. Another function is a beam that comes out that is used as a hook shot so the player drag themselves to parts of the land that would be impossible to reach otherwise.

The game makes the player combine both the beam hook shot, and charged jump to challenge them to get through obstacles paths that the world is made up off.
The game is a very unique first person experience, it is also a non-violent game and instead challenges the player instead by making them figure out how to get across the land using only the tools at hand.score


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