Fallrise brings one of the biggest local shows to Ace Of Spades


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser

Bryce Fraser, writer

January 26, 2013

Fallrise took the stage at Ace of Spades Saturday night on January 27th, and brought one of the biggest and best local shows to hit the stage of the venue.  Opening bands included Madison Avenue, Misamore, White Minorities, Prylosis, and Dimidium.


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser

The night contained moshing, head banging and of course the heavy metal music that got the fans in an uproar of excitement. When Fallrise hit the  stage, they didn’t disappoint loyal fans. They showed the fans why they are the headlining band by bringing the most energy into their songs. 


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