Healthy food with a flair


Photo Credit: Bryce Fraser/
A Grilled Salmon B.L.T. sandwich on a dinner plate with a pickle and a garnish from Cafe Bernardo in owntown Sacramento.

Bryce Fraser, Arcurrent
May 3, 2012

If you are looking for a place to eat that serves quality food, such as all-natural Angus beef and organic lettuce, and has a French-style European atmosphere, Café Bernardo is the place for you.

Café Bernardo is located in the midtown area off of 28th Street and Capitol Avenue. The Café has seats outside looking on to the street. As you walk inside, the interior has framed posters all over the walls that I believe to be in French.  The kitchen is completely in open view, so most everyone can see how his or her food is being prepared.

Café Bernardo has a wide range of food and beverages, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads and soups, and coffee. I ordered the Grilled Salmon B.L.T. It consisted of basil mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on grilled sourdough wheat bread. The most important part of the sandwich, the salmon steak, was thick and juicy. They did not skimp on the filet like most other places do. The tomatoes were moist and plump, filled with flavor, and I am very picky about tomatoes. Calling it just grilled sourdough wheat bread is an injustice, because it not only tastes good but also seems healthy. The lettuce is used sparingly, and easy to bite into, unlike other restaurants that seem to throw the whole head of lettuce in.  The basil mayonnaise is not too much, just an extra, subtle dash of flavor. The service was great; I got my sandwich in about five minutes. The people working there greeted me with smiles, and I even ended up engaging in a conversation with them.

I would recommend Café Bernardo if you are tired of eating unhealthy fast food, especially if you want to take someone out on a date. I personally would take a date to Café Bernardo.


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